Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts of not more than 300 words. Each abstract should include at least four (4) keywords.

Format for Manuscript

The whole paper including the abstract must not exceed 10 pages, prepared in 1.5 spacing, font size 12 pt in Times New Romans (only Tables are allowed with single spacing).
Margins should be 1 inch or 2.5 cm all around on A4 size pages.

Order the sections of your manuscript in the following order of arrangement:

  1. Title section,
  2. Abstract (including Keywords)
  3. Introduction,
  4. Literature, Materials and Methods, (as applicable)
  5. Results,
  6. Discussion,
  7. Conclusion & Recommendation,
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. References

Tables & Figures

Tables should be titled as Table #, with a description of the table content, written on top of the table, while every figure must carry a title written below the figure as Figure # with a appropriate description of the figure.


References should be listed in alphabetical order of authors’ names, with all authors’ names listed (et al. is not acceptable under references). Preferably, References should follow APA, 6th edition.

Article Title and Authors’ Names

The Title of the article must be in upper case. The Authors’ names (Surname first, then the initials) should follow the Title of the paper. Next line should be the addresses of the authors and finally their e-mails (if available). Names of authors should not carry a title prefix such as Prof, Dr, Ph.D., etc. Where authors are more than one, list authors’ names with superscripted numbers to indicate affiliations/ addresses of the authors.


Main headings such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, References, and Appendix should be in all caps and flush left and bold.
Second-level headings should be flush left and bold in title case (each word capitalized), third-level headings are bold in sentence case (only the first word is capitalized) with a period at the end, run in to the paragraph indented, and fourth level headings are the same as third-level headings except they are italic instead of bold. Text immediately following a Heading 1 or a Heading2 should not be indented.

Oral Presentation

Submission of full paper is compulsory for oral presentation at the Conference

Poster Presentation

For poster presentation, acceptance of Abstract is sufficient; this will appear in the Book of Proceedings

  • The attached document provides a guide for authors